The First Rule of Stooch Club...

Is you can’t stop talking about Stooch Club.

Laughing Coyote welcome two regular acts from their Thursday night residency at The Firestation Centre for Arts & Culture on 5th June.

“This is a great hour packed full of laughs... Great charm and talent in a beautifully constructed show” **** Kate Copstick, The Scotsman

Max Dickins has spent the last year trying out all manner of Groupon offers for his new confessional


In his own words...

In October last year I was deep in a rut, spending all my time trapped in an internet labyrinth of tits and trivia. Then, by accident, I discovered the discount website Groupon, and what started as an attempt to breathe excitement and spontaneity into my life ended up an obsession. This is the story of how Groupon changed my life. An uplifting true story of love, adventure and colonic irrigation, inspired by the cult internet hit blog 


This is Max’s third solo show at the Edinburgh festival. Last year, as well as appearing in the prestigious AAA stand-up show in the Pleasance Courtyard he performed “Dear Ray”, garnering a 4 star review from Kate Copstick in The Scotsman.

Mark Restuccia is bringing his absurd look at the life of an egomaniacal comedian in the form of


Ever wondered what it's really like to be a comedian? Ever wondered what they get up to the rest of the time when you don't see them on stage? Ever wondered how they come up with their material? Well, Mark Restuccia will reveal all about the life of a comedian. Mark takes you through the day in the life of a comic and shows you that it's not as easy as some of them make it look. 



“Corking lines delivered with unwavering faithChortle
“Like Jimmy Carr when he was fresh” ThreeWeeks

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