Do you know what they put in sleep?


American absurdist Will Franken thinks he has the answer.



“Masterful, mind-altering comedy that pokes fun at the world without standing loftily outside it.” ★★★★★ Spoonfed


“Strange, sometimes awkward, often funny and always interesting, Franken's act is like Marmite – fucking awesome” 

★★★★★ ThreeWeeks


“the sweet spot where absurdism and satire combine, both super-sweet and surgically sharp” ★★★★ The Scotsman


“...simply hilarious” ★★★★ The Times


“…you can't take your eyes off these inspired outpourings.” ★★★★ Guardian


“Will Franken is an astounding character comedian who makes almost everyone else in his field look like lazy chancers”

★★★★ Chortle


Critically acclaimed, surrealistic character comedian of myriad personalities Will Franken returns to Edinburgh this year with another violent explosion of his kaleidoscopic, manic, and hysterical imagination in his new show ‘The Stuff They Put In Sleep’.

On the 10th July the Laughing Coyote favourite along with LOU SANDERS will preview this brand new show at The Firestation Centre for Arts & Culture in Windsor.


The show is his latest rapid-fire absurdist assault on the fragilities of human identity, platitudes of postmodern sanctimony, and naïve presupposition of collective reality. Be prepared to meet Simon Schama as he invites viewers to see the world of ancient Egypt through the eyes of an asshole and an up-to-date chauvinistic urban gangster Sigmund Freud. Meanwhile, an alcoholic LA businessman holds a conference call with a talking can of Coke and bottle of whisky, whilst a doctor bears the ambiguous news to a patient that the thing he thought was a brain tumour is actually a testicle


LOU SANDERS’s new show ‘LOU SANDERS IN ANOTHER GREAT SHOW AGAIN’ is a genderless riot from a little old force to be reckoned with.


Sanders goes hard-pedal without too much fuss. Forty five plus jokes, six props, one hero and I dare say a bit of heartbreak (you) and a smattering of ground-break (her).

Sanders generally, absolutely, ultimately nails it. Sleaze: turned down. Clothed: fully. As seen on Stewart Lee’s Alternative Comedy Experience and Russell Howard’s Good News. 

“Destined for hugeness” Time Out


“Crazy off-beat surrealism, something new is happening in comedy” Independent


“If you're not entertained by this you've got a problem” Fest

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