Ex-pat American satirist, absurdist and one-man sketch show WILL FRANKEN (www.WILLFRANKEN.com) brings two short plays exclusively to The Firestation, WIndsor on 13th May.
Missouri native Will has penned a semi-autobiographical absurdist satire entitled
‘TEA-TIME COWBOY’ about a small town American boy’s journey to the big city of London.
This show is the first outing of an experimental series of plays/live readings combining solo performance, one-man sketch comedy, real-time sound effects and interactive film footage.
Inhabiting at least ten characters, Will plays an Anglophilic blue collar Midwesterner thrust reluctantly into the British comedy spotlight, when all he really wants is the “authentic English experience”.
“Tea-Time Cowboy” is the story of Bo Chuck who, through an ill-advised conversation with a wealthy chicken magnate’s spoiled English daughter, gets the opportunity to leave his co-dependent trailer park girlfriend and travel to the beloved Great Britain of his hayseed dreams.This first episode sees Billy struggling to adapt to British life, discovering along the way that not all inhabitants of his idealised island share the same love for its art and history that he does; resulting in a hilarious clash of West meets... West!
Also on this exciting double-bill is 'DIETER und SHEILA at THE LONDON INTERNATIONAL YOUTH HOSTEL'...Dieter has never know what it is to be loved.
Sheila is Australian.
The London International Youth Hostel is where culture comes to clash.Another Will Franken exploration of national identity and absurdist flights of fancy.
This will be one hell of a show - anyone who has experienced a Will Franken performance will see this taken to another level.


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