Ben Earl, is back with a magical mind-blowing show, simply and aptly called 'Show'

Before a residency at London's Leicester Square Theatre this September Ben will be bringing his show for an exclusive 4 night run at Windsor's Firestation.


Master of deception and former Ministry of Defence adviser, Ben Earl, is not your traditional magician. Using his background in psychology, Ben not only performs mind-blowing sleight of hand and illusion, but seeks to break down the barrier between audience and performer, provoking us to ask not 'How?' but 'Why?'.

Setting aside magic's tropes and conventions, Ben urges us to peer beyond what is in front of our very eyes and deconstruct not only magic's deceptions, but our own willingness to be deceived. A truly abstract approach to the art form, Ben Earl's show will change your perception of magic and quite possibly, the way you view the world.

Finding major success with his critically acclaimed TV show, Ben Earl: Trick Artist (Channel 4), the creative and mysterious illusionist is on a mission to challenge audiences to contemplate the nature of reality.  Earl's on-stage presence is like no other, using his infinite imagination and transcendent skills, he is sure to leave audiences looking at the world differently and in awe of his talent.


Earl has performed all over the world including, Europe, New York, Las Vegas, the Middle East and even 'improvised' shows in Copenhagen! He has also spent many years teaching and training magicians, showcasing his mastery in magic. Most recently, Ben was selected as a Kronenburg ‘tastemaker’ alongside celebrities such as Alex James and Colin Murray.

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